Cash back

How much cash back can I earn?

You will earn 2% cash back on qualifying purchases made with your ONE card at Walmart (in-store and online) or any drugstore or gas station. You can receive up to $50 in rewards within 12 months of opening a ONE account. For existing customers, the 12-month period will begin when this feature becomes available on 9/15/2022. See the promotions program terms and conditions for more information.

Where can I earn 2% cash back?

You can earn 2% cash back on most Walmart purchases, in addition to purchases at any drugstore or gas station.

What purchases qualify for cash back?

Most purchases at qualifying merchants (Walmart, gas stations, and drugstores) are eligible for cash back rewards. Excluded purchases include, but are not limited to: lottery tickets, Money Center transactions, foreign transactions, gift cards, and purchases from third-party vendors within Walmart.

When do rewards appear in my account?

Cash back rewards are credited to your Savings Pocket when the qualifying transaction posts to your account. You’ll also receive a push notification when you earn cash back.

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